Addiction Recovery

Services What we can provide you

Psychiatric Therapy

Psychiatric driven addiction recovery focusing on mental wellness.


As we are an almost unique service and there are only a handful of providers that can even come close to competing.

Restoration of Health

Medical evaluation and treatment to repair any damage done to the body.

Full Drug Rehabilitation

We will be with the person the entire journey and can even provide a sober living companion for a year.

Detox ﹠ Recovery

From the medical detox to the subsequent recovery you will be encouraged with dignity, respect and understanding to help you through your journey.

Eating Disorder Treatment

We will accept any kinds of eating disorder from bulimia to binge eating disorder.

Recovery through therapy, science, biology
and technology.

More than a 6 star service. We strive to overdeliver.
An experience that surpasses every expectation.

High End Rehab is private, discreet and dedicated to recovery through mental health therapy and biochemical body restoration. We have an entire team of doctors, nurses and psychiatrists on call ready to treat you at short nice home or away.