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Company History

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Built out of a need for both a higher standard of rehab treatment with a lack of mobility from Doctors and Psychiatrists.

  • 2012

    Earl got into the rehab industry

    After a long and distinguised career working with Executives, Vip`s and High End Clients the founder of High End Rehab got involved in addiction treatment. Living in the Marbella area he soon found many people were asking for addiction treatment for their family.

  • 2013

    Our team had 8 members

    With the amount of treatments we were doing we soon grew fast and needed more staff.

  • 2014

    We penetrated the United Arab Emirates

    Treating people in their own house or hiring them a luxury villa in Marbella was good for lots of people but we were getting more calls to go to the Arabian Peninsula.

    addiction treatment in united arab emirates
  • 2015

    We expanded into more countrys

    Having expanded into some countrys we expanded into more

  • 2016

    Over Half the year has passed and we have grown

    Our team has grown and the amount of patients we have seen recover has jumped up a lot.

People rate us 10/10

So far we have never had a dissapointed patient of family member.

What can we do for you?

We have changed the lives of many people and in some cased rebuilt entire familiys or tribes.

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More than a 6 star service. A personal service.

We only care for one person at a time to give full attention.